Staff Club

Staff Club

The Staff Club facilitates social interaction among all the staff members of various departments of this college. All teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff are members of this club by default.

The staff club aims at the welfare of its members and their family. The main activities of the staff-club include celebrating festivals, conducting arts, sports and games competitions for staff members, organizing family tour and get-together, participating in family events etc.

Office Bearers (2022-2023)

Office Bearer Name Class
Chairman Suraj P S5 ME
Vice Chairman Abhinav K S5 ME
Vice Chairman (Lady) Arya K P S5 CT
General Secretary Karthik Rajeev S5 CE
Councilor to the State Polytechnic College Students Union Adarsh K S5 EL
Magazine Editor Fathima Aslaha C. K. S1 CE
Arts Club Secretary Kripendu P. P. S5 CE

Executive Committee Members

Rajan c. Mechanical engineering Department.

Sheeba Naichalath, Computer Engineering Department.

Prasad Kolikkara, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department.

Bavisha T,computer Engineering Department

Radhakrishnan P, Electronics Engineering Department.

Krishnapriya, Electronics Engineering Department.

Renjith V R, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department.

Sandeep N, Mechanical Engineering Department.

Rahul K K, Civil Engineering Department.

Sony Sunny, Civil Engineering Department.

Ajeesh K V, General department

Daksha P V, General department

Anurag P, Office

Mohanan M O, Office