Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering

About the Discipline

Electronics engineering is a form of engineering associated with electronic circuits, devices and the equipment and systems that use them. A relatively new entrant to the engineering discipline, it is the one which drives the modern world. Electronic engineering utilizes a variety of different types of electronic components from the more traditional analogue components through to digital electronic components, microprocessors and microcontrollers as well as programmable logic devices.

About the Programme

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering deals with the management of electronic gadgets and programming interfaces and applications that help make life more comfortable and convenient. During the three-year Diploma programme in Electronics Engineering, the students learn about electronic components, electronic equipments, and design of electronic circuits. They also study about computer hardware, assembling, installation and maintenance of computer systems, setup and maintenance of networks, embedded system development and PCB design. The major courses included in the curriculum are Basic Electronics, Electrical technology, Electronic circuits, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, C Programming Language, Linear Integrated circuits, Electronic Instruments and measurements, Electronic communication, Computer Hardware and Networking, and Industrial Management. In addition to the above, the curriculum also focuses on improving the interpersonal skills, environmental awareness and social commitment of the students through courses like health and physical education, life skills, environmental science etc.

Career options

Diploma holders in Electronics Engineering have ample opportunities in private and public sector establishments. BSNL, ISRO, VSSC, Prasar Bharathi (AIR & Doordarshan), Indian Railways, various Metro Rail Corporations are some of the public sector undertakings where they could get employed. Opportunities in private sector are endless. They could pursue a good career in any of the national or multinational companies like Intel, IBM, HP, DELL, Motorola, Samsung etc. Electronic diploma holders may even start their own venture with a very little investment and thus could become successful entrepreneurs.

Opportunities for Higher Studies

Diploma holders are eligible to appear for the JEE examination (IIT Entrance Examination). Students can seek admission to the third semester of B.Tech Degree course through Lateral Entry Entrance (LET) examination of Kerala state. This facility also exists in many neighboring states. The major engineering colleges in the state offer B.Tech degree through part-time mode for those who possess a minimum of two years of working experience. Yet another option is to appear for the Associate Membership examination (AMIE) of Institution of Engineers (IE). AMIE is considered as equivalent to B.Tech degree for most purposes.