Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA plays a key role in ensuring that quality education is provided to the students and the best of facilities are available to them at the institution. Parents and teachers meet on a regular basis and bring about improvements to the students’ facilities through cooperation.

Aims and Objectives

  • Establish cooperation and better understanding between parents and teachers for the smooth functioning of GPC Kasaragod and for ensuring high academic standards and for maintaining excellent discipline.
  • Cherish and build the best of relationship between the teachers, parents, and students and promote the welfare of the stakeholders as well as the college.
  • Establish a harmonious relationship between GPC Kasaragod and the external community.
  • Collect donations and gifts from the members as well as non-members and from other institutions for the purpose of promoting and achieving the aim and objects of the Association.

The PTA at GPC Kasaragod has been playing a key role in developing the infrastructure facilities of the institution and for ensuring the welfare of the student community. The life of every student and parent are insured for an amount of Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 2 lakhs respectively by the PTA. This insurance coverage is renewed every year too. The Executive Committee of the PTA meets regularly and discusses the overall performance of the students. They also provide creative suggestions to improve the students’ performance and the overall learning ambiance of the institution.


All parents and teachers automatically become members of the PTA. The members of the Executive Committee of the Association are elected during the annual general body meeting.


The funds of the PTA are maintained in a separate bank account which is operated jointly by the Treasurer and the Principal.

Office bearers (2018-2019)

President Sri. Solomon P.Y., Principal (Ex-Officio)
Vice President Sri. Chandran K. M.
Secretary Sri. Purandara M., Lecturer in Electrical and Electronics Engg.
Treasurer Sri. Ramachandran A., Demonstrator in Computer Engineering