Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Department started functioning in the year 2016 with a sanctioned intake of 40 students per year. The department offers three–year diploma programme in Civil Engineering.

Apart from the regular courses of the curriculum, the students are also trained in latest tools and techniques related to survey, design, estimation, planning and implementation. The entire diploma programme is designed in a manner that would groom the students to become efficient field supervisors who would strive to maintain the highest standards in civil construction.

The civil engineering labs are both spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to enable the students to learn and consolidate their knowledge in an optimal manner. The practical classes help to keep the students stay abreast of the latest techniques and developments in the industry.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Name of Laboratory
Survey Lab
Construction Engineering Lab
Concrete Lab
Material Testing Lab
Computer Aided Drafting Lab

Faculty and Staff

Name Designation
Ajay Thilakan N. J. Lecturer
Rahul K. K. Lecturer
Nithya. V Guest Lecturer
Sony Sunny Guest Lecturer
Ahmad Swalih.C.K  Guest Lecturer
Technical Staff
Adhira.C Demonstrator
Sanoop K. Trade Instructor
Praveen M. Tradesman